Ultimate Mixing Mastering

1. Prepare Audio & Upload

  • For optimal results please do not over apply compression, EQ, or limiting to the stereo master bus. However, you may add processing to the individual tracks within the mix.
  • Although its good practice to get a strong signal don't let the audio clip. Getting your master bus to peak at a maximum of around -3db to -6db gives us headroom to work with your audio.
  • Please send files in WAV or AIFF formats only. We want high quality audio from the start for your music.
  • Use the Upload Button to the right to upload your audio files to us instantly. Be sure to Bookmark this page, you will need to return to it to complete steps 2 and 3 of the ordering process.



2. Submit Order Info

  • Smaller orders (less than a full album), fill out and submit the order form to the right.
  • For extra details or questions, please email us at info@ultimatemixingmastering.com.
  • If you have any questions about ordering online or downloading our order form, please call or email us right away.



3. Make Your Payment

  • Make your payment for services via credit card of PayPal by clicking the payment button to the right.
  • Please enter the dollar amount due, and in the memo field, please include your artist name, contact email, and the product and/or service you are paying for. If you do not have a PayPal account, click the option to check out as guest on the following page.
  • We'll master your tracks and send them back to you online, through regular mail on compact disc, or both if you prefer. It's that easy!
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