Ultimate Mixing Mastering


Single Song Mastering - $ 50 Per Song

Mastering is the process of taking a mono or stereo recording and enhancing it to its fullest potential. It's the fine-tuning that will make your mixes sound as "big" and as "clear" as possible without compromising the original feel or quality. This not only makes each song sound individually the best it can, but also makes the album as a whole sound consistent and unified.

Single song mastering is a fast and easy way to have your audio professionally mastered online, at a very affordable rate. This is a great low cost solution for artists who need to get just a song or two up to industry standards.

When you send us your audio for mastering, your tracks will be analyzed by an expereienced engineer. After we get an overall impression of the existing sound balance, your song is then professionally mastered using an appropriate chain of top drawer digital equipment.

Upon completion, digital downloads will be provided (delivered electronically) in high quality WAV, AIFF, and MP3 format for each song.


Service Includes:

  • Noise Reduction
  • Proper Equalization
  • Tube Compression
  • Mastering Reverb
  • Peak Limiting
  • Adding Ambience
  • Stereo Widening
  • Bass Enhancement
  • Maximization
  • Dynamic Expansion
  • Fades/Crossfades