Ultimate Mixing Mastering


Single Song Mix & Master - $ 99 Per Song

Professional mixing is the key to improving your sound. The majority of serious musicians these days record and produce their music from within a home project studio, but don't have the mixing experience or equipment to compete with professional engineers working in professional studios.

We offer a unique and affordable mixing service geared toward the modern recording artist. From our state of the art facility, we provide inspired and accessible solutions for the classic digital recording dilemma.

How does it work?

You send us the song to mix with a general or specific direction you want us to go in. We will process the song until we have completed the mix to our professional industry standards. Then we'll email you a link for you to download your new mix. It's that simple!

How do I send you my files for mixing?

The best way to send us your multi track session files is to send the individual tracks in WAV or AIFF format (don't change the sample rate or bit rate), all the tracks should be consolidated from the starting point of the session. Please label each file correctly (eg Main Vocal, Kick Drum, etc ...) this makes it a lot easier when discussing possible edits and for general tidiness of the project.


Mixing Rates:

  •   1-16 Tracks $  99 / Song
  • 17-24 Tracks $149 / Song
  • 25-32 Tracks $199 / Song
  • 33-40 Tracks $249 / Song
  • 41-48 Tracks $299 / Song